Studio | Enrique Gibbon

Studio Gibbon is a boutique furniture work shop, specialized in luxury artisanal designs and fabrication. 

At Studio Gibbon, we work with different techniques, utilizing high quality and exotic woods, as well as bronze,

metal, and unique stones.  Artisanal handcrafting is at our core, while making one of a kind furniture pieces.  

Enrique Gibbon.

Enrique Gibbon, creative director of Studio Gibbon, is based in Mexico City. Is constantly looking for ways to explore the different possibilities to create unique pieces using high quality materials and artisanal techniques that could elevate the concept of luxury and modern designs with a timeless signature. 

Traveling around the world has given Gibbon the opportunity to meet artisans and their very special work-shops that have served as an inspiration to design pieces that can tell a story and come to live in different spaces. All of the Studio Gibbon designs live to make a statement.


All of our items are customizable. Please leave your contact details & information about your project.
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